American Viola Works

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American Viola Works

Cathy BasrakRobert KoenigWilliam Koehler

  • CDR 90000 053


The longer Cedille Selects track excerpts are designed to provide a representative overview of the recording (not applicable to all albums)

    • I. Allegro moderato (10:11)

    • GEORGE ROCHBERG (b. 1918)

      Sonata for Viola and Piano (1979) (20:24)

      I. Allegro moderato (10:11)

    • II. Adagio lamentoso (7:06)

    • II. Adagio lamentoso (7:06)

    • III. Fantasia: Epilogue (2:58)

    • III. Fantasia: Epilogue (2:58)

    • Fantasy for Viola and Piano (1941) (9:47)

    • FREDERICK JACOBI (1891-1952)

      Fantasy for Viola and Piano (1941) (9:47)

    • Theme and Variations (1940) (14:02) * *

    • ALAN SHULMAN (b. 1915)

      Theme and Variations (1940) (14:02) * *

    • Speed Etude (1948) (2:21) *

    • QUINCY PORTER (1897-1966)

      Speed Etude (1948) (2:21) *

    • I. Allegro moderato (8:53)

    • LOWELL LIEBERMANN (b. 1961)

      Sonata for Viola and Piano (1984) (25:23) *

      I. Allegro moderato (8:53)

    • II. Andante (8:57)

    • II. Andante (8:57)

    • III. Recitativo (7:24)

    • III. Recitativo (7:24)

Album Description Download Full CD Booklet

Cathy Basrak, the 23-year-old newly appointed assistant principal violist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and principal violist of the Boston Pops Orchestra, makes her recording debut with an all-American program of attractive twentieth-century chamber music that's rarely heard -- and largely unfamiliar even to many violists.

Rochberg's Sonata, a highly expressive, romantic work from his post-serial period, is lyrical yet intellectually stimulating. It was commissioned to celebrate the 75th birthday of viola phenomenon William Primrose.

Jacobi's 1941 Fantasy for Viola and Piano synthesizes classical, romantic, and modern influences with melodies that recall Jacobi's Jewish heritage. Ms. Basrak calls the Fantasy "the most difficult piece I've played on the viola." Likening it to Paganini's violin music, she says it demands virtuosic playing and dramatic expression extending to "all extremes of the spectrum."

The most familiar work on the CD (other than the Rochberg) is Shulman's Theme and Variations. A fixture of the standard viola repertoire, it's unabashedly romantic in style but rich in substance. Impressionistic reveries alternate with rapid-fire passages of daunting difficulty. (In 1999, Ms. Basrak performed the orchestral version as soloist with the Philadelphia Orchestra and conductor Luis Biava -- the result of her having won a student competition.)

Porter, a Connecticut native who studied composition in Paris with Vincent D'Indy, wrote extensively for strings. His sunny Speed Etude, commissioned as a virtuosic tour de force for Paul Doktor, is infused with an ebullient postwar optimism.

Liebermann's Sonata for Viola and Piano is an enchanting piece that's by turns ethereal and jazzy. Hailed as "one of America's most gifted 'new tonalist' composers" (Time), the 39-year old New Yorker's music has been performed by Mstislav Rostropovich, James Galway, James Levine, and Leonard Slatkin.

Ms. Basrak assembled the program herself after combing music libraries for substantial viola pieces by American composers. "My orchestral colleagues and friends weren't familiar with a lot of this work," Ms. Basrak says. "They were inspired to know there is American music of this quality [for viola]." To gain insights, she met with two of the three living composers represented on the CD -- Mr. Rochberg and Mr. Liebermann -- and corresponded with the ailing Mr. Shulman's son Jay. "The whole experience amounted to so much more than finding music music to put on a recording," she says. "It was more of a personal journey." She recalls Mr. Rochberg's passionate enthusiasm for his sonata: "He had such commitment to what he had written," she says. "He related his music to me as if he had written it yesterday. It was still so fresh in his mind."

Critic Reviews (

"[Basrak] possesses a luminous, rounded tone and she is nimble and responsive in even the most technically trying passages. . . . I'm positive that a bright future awaits her, judging solely by the merits of this recording."

"This new CD reveals [Basrak] to be a major talent, with technique, temperament, and taste. She has fine pianists to assist her, excellent sound, and the deserved support of Cedille Records." (

"A disc that not only showcases the viola's unique solo voice but offers five great, somewhat obscure, contemporary U.S.-born pieces. Here, Basrak knocks pretty confidently on the front doors of the world's few viola celebs -- Yuri Bashmet, say, or Kim Kashkashian -- and manages to nudge her way in."

The New York Violist

"What a delight this CD is. . . . The music is accessible, and in the hands of a superior artist as Ms. Basrak, rewarding and most satisfying to listen to."

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Program Notes

Album Details

Total Time: 72:35

* First recording
* * First recording of original version

Recorded: November 5-6, December 14-15, 1999 and April 10, 2000
Producer: James Ginsburg
Engineer: Bill Maylone
Cover: Joseph Stella, The Voice of the City of New York
Interpreted: The Bridge (1920-22). The Newark Museum / Art Resource, NY
Design: Melanie Germond
Notes: Compiled by Cathy Basrak

©2000 Cedille Records/Cedille Chicago

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